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Our Vision.

We won’t change the online industry in SE Asia. We will create it.

We will change the very meaning of the word “online” in SE Asia. And we will begin this change in Cambodia.

E-Commerce, Online Micro-Finance, Payment Gateways, Mobile Money & Remittances, Virtual Solutions, Data Sourcing and more.

These are not only names.

These are the pillars of the new lifestyle.

The new era of the virtual world a cashless society with limitless opportunities begins here.

Our Mission.

This is Title of Mission.

WorldbridgE Commerce employs systems that have been built from the ground up with security in mind. Hardened servers, point-to-point enterprise level data encryption, secure communication pathways and multiple firewall layered security. 

All of our systems are PCI-Compliant, and we aim to have all our system certified within 2015 to ensure an even higher level of peace-of-mind for our users.


Our Goal.

This is the evolution.

We will create a new world. A world of creative, educated and new-era individuals, coming together with one goal; and one goal only. To restore back what fell and to build from ashes the new era of Cambodian life. Life where everything is reachable; everything is possible and the sky is the limit.

online shopping

Imagine clicking a button, paying securely, and having everything you want delivered to your door.

Micro Finance.

Wow. Is this really happening? Yes, it is. Apply for the loan. Online. Get your loan approved. Online. Get your money to your account. Online. In only a short while, you can continue shopping for your favourite things.

payment gateway

Payment Gateways.

Accept credit & debit cards on your website. You say: Nothing special. Well… We say: Specially awesome! Secure. Simple. Fast. And through trusted banking partners.

Mobile Money and Remittances.

Send money to your friends & family. Top-up your mobile phone. Fund your shopping account online. Pay your bills. Everything from the palm of your hand.

Right here. Right now.

mobile payment global transaction

Virtual Solutions.

Aww… That’s awful? You have not yet tried out our Virtual Mirror? Hurry up; this is really fresh, fun and can let you do tons of great things. And we are not joking.

This is the next big thing.

Data Sourcing and Telemarketing.

Handling loads of phone calls or data sourcing like we do? Don’t do that alone. We are here to help you. Yesterday was late. But still, try us today.

call center