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Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Touch for Digital Signage

Allow Customers to TOUCH, SWIPE and INTERACT with your Digital Signage Panels

An innovative range of “Interactive” Digital Signage solutions, which can be deployed across any combination of Digital Signage and Posters, Window displays, Kiosks and Mobile devices.

Interactive ‘Smart’ Touch for Digital Signage, Posters, Kiosks and Mobile

Unlike traditional signage, our digital signage solution allows your customers to TOUCH, SWIPE and INTERACT with your Digital Signage Panels. QR codes provide the ability to download the signage content to your customers mobile and can include face recognition display of content and offers comprehensive reporting on interaction usage. The solution is fully cross-platform, so they can be deployed across any player and OS (WIN, iOS and Android).


Omni-Channel Delivery.  Large Screen to Mobile

IMA.kiosk solutions operate in a unique combination of resident Apps and internet connectivity. The core interface Apps and content are ‘resident’ on the chosen devices, with an internet connection only required for access to selected webpages / data, updating and administration. This unique combination offers the benefits of instantaneous viewing speed, no internet lag, reliability, independent operation and absolutely no down-time if your internet connections are down. Our turn-key App solutions can be delivered in mere weeks without expensive IT development and infrastructure requirements.


Interactive Digital Signage with Touch Screen

Turn your boring Digital Signage – that everyone normally walks past – into a truly interactive “Touch” experience for greater customer engagement. Ideal for Interactive Digital Posters, Advertising and Informational Screens.

  • Touch, Swipe, and Interact with the screen
  • Click the QR code to download to your mobile
  • Interact with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Geo location and RFID activated.
  • Simple, fast and inexpensive Digital Signage deployment, using stock IR Touch Screen and micro PC / Player combinations.

See Stand Mounted Example:

TOUCH, SWIPE and INTERACT to move between advertising panels

Click the QR code to download the Advertising panels to your Mobile

Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Media Wall

Interactive Display Window

Interactive Interfaces for immersive ‘Customer Engagement’

Our interactive App interfaces are highly animated – with carousels, showreels, content bookshelves and galleries, videos, eBrochures and screensaver animations – and operate on any device with natural touch gestures like the latest generation of smart ‘touch’ tablets and mobiles. All App interfaces can easily be configured for both Landscape and Portrait modes.


Unlimited Range of Content

With its centralised CMS publishing capacity, the IMA.Kiosk interfaces can display any combination of Text, Images, Videos, Product Tiles with QR codes, Advertsing campaigns, 3D and flash animations, Product Locators, interactive and directional Maps, digital eBrochures, printable Shopping Lists, captured user information and much more…


Global CMS Control and Updating from your Desk

For speed and reliability, the entire range of IMA.Kiosk ‘smart’ touch App solutions operate independently on any device, so they only require a simple internet connection for administration, updating and reporting from our central CMS. Enabling you to manage and refresh your content – as often as you wish – across your entire Digital Signage, Kiosk and Mobile device network from your Desk.


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