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Something For Everyone, Everywhere.

Lets go with us to the new era of online /e-commerce/ world full of awesome services.

We live by the way of the MAIO. My All In One online experience.

Living the MAIO Lifestyle.

MAIO does not mean My All In One only. It is the life style. It is the experience. It is the society. It is the team. MAIO is the place you connect, you spend, you earn, you borrow, you lend, you create and realize yourself.  And for the most of it – it is The Next Big Thing.


Online Shopping.

This is the place where you stand front of an easy decision. Buy or… BUY AT MAIO MALL. Our Online Shopping Solution /OSS/ is developed to fit the highest security standards and the requirements of the most demanding customers. We want to be scalable and no matter what, step by step, we will bring nearly the entire shopping world to the grasp of your fingers. Ease of usability and accessibility is our priority so whenever you want to buy local or international product, we want to make sure that exactly this is what will happen. As a part of the large group of companies with strong logistics focus, we literally deliver your goods at your doorsteps. Using our sister entities gives us the utmost confidence of your satisfaction.

Optimized both for computer or mobile platform. Ready whenever you are. You want to know more? Come on, visit our mall here.

Even more curious? Excellent. Check our/your shopping experience here.

Micro Finance.

Do you want to hear something really great? MIAO Micro-Finance Platform (MFP) is utmost unique and innovative part of MAIO Mall services. Tired of waiting for the bank to get back to you? Tired of small lending companies letting you queue up for ages before they refuse you because you do not qualify for their loan. Our Micro-Finance Platform is the web and mobile solution that solves this all.

Sign-up online. Submit your documents online. Get approved online. Spend at MAIO Mall – online. Track your payments – online. Build your credit and live the comfortable life, which you manage. Build life where you are the one who is in charge.

Cannot wait to learn more and get started? Well, check more here.

micro finance new
payment gateway

Payment Gateways.

It is something no one really appreciates and yet it is something everyone uses daily. Well. Not yet. But it is on its way. Our Payment Gateway Solution (PGS) is the core part of our own payment system and it serves to process (send and receive) via secure and PCI and PA DSS compliant /and certified/ interface (link to security page) your transactions via credit, debit or ATM cards.

But that’s not all! Are you a business owner or do you manage one? Do you want to increase your sales but cannot accept payments on your website and get them safely to your bank account? We are here to change it. Our fully featured API allows you to integrate seamlessly your site with our payment gateway, custom design it to match your branding, and all what remains is to open your merchant account at MAIO Mall.

Not convinced fully yet? Learn more about it by contacting our team. Or… Ready to start? Simply – APPLY HERE.

Mobile Money & Remittances

We do not want to take you away from the cash. However… We wish to give you a chance to feel the freedom of your financial environment managed virtually. MAIO Mobile Money and Remittances Platform (MMR) is, once more, web and mobile based system we develop to let you manage your payments, pay your bills, send money to your family and more. And that all from the easy to use interface within matter of seconds /minutes/. We are collaborating with one of the largest local banks to secure this service and if that would not suffice, our group of companies actually owns its own specialized bank. As we said before. The final delivery of everything you need to your doors, virtually and literally, is our top priority and we do everything we can to make sure it is going to take its place.

mobile payments new

Virtual Solutions.

Virtually. Everything. VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING.

Virtual Mirror

Virtual Mirror or Dressing Mirror or Style-Me Mirror is the most entertaining way of shopping. Shopping must be a fun. And here you go! This amazing solution allows you to try on virtually everything. From jewelry, make-up up to the most expensive pieces of your wardrobe and it does not matter where you are. Coffee shop? Sure, no problem. Mall? Of course. Airport? Yes. No worry. As we said it. Virtually everywhere.

Our Virtual Mirror works on the principle of 3D augmentation of every item in it and let you handle it via a motion of your hands. Try it on. Share via any social media with your friends. Select your size or let the system recommend one for you. And finally; buy and get an item delivered to your home or to your current location. Simply virtual. Simply awesome.

Are you interested using this technology to boost your retail business or to promote any of your solutions? Please, do not hesitate. Just click here and contact us.

Virtual Mannequin

Virtual Mannequin uses projection technology to create the illusion of a real person or even cartoon character. This is filmed and built to unique glass platform. If you are in need of promoting your business, event or anything else; please just don’t hesitate and approach out team to assist you.


Nothing much to say here. You already know that YOU are our priority. That was the reason we decided to enter into the customer satisfaction program and established our own call center and data agency. Any problem you have with our system? Any troubles you meet with using our payment system? Any issue at all? Just give us a call or let us call you back.

If this all would not be enough; while utilizing our customer support service, we had a talk amongst ourselves and said: “why not?”. Whether you need telemarketing, SMS marketing, online marketing, data sourcing or IT support for yourself or for your clients, just let us know. Our professional and dedicated team will pay you a visit and suggest the best solution for you. Then, all of our 300+ call center employees will be waiting to attend your business needs. Could not be simpler, could it?

call center

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