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Subscription Sales / Store

Instantly SELL your Publications Online!

We can setup your Publisher Subscription Account in minutes! The Subscription account encompasses an online store – fully branded to the Publisher – for the sale of multiple titles, issues and back copies. And Publisher’s KEEP all their Sales revenue. Delivered straight to your PayPal account. “You do not lose a penny to any Online Store / Market or third party subscription sites!”



The Subscription Account is designed for Publishers with more complex requirements, such as single and multiple titles, issues and valuable back copies. With simple set-up in minutes, using our comprehensive step-by-step guide. The Plan automatically creates your own branded Store, with an integrated e-Commerce and subscribers accounts package. • The Store allows you to instantly sell multiple Titles and all their Issues at the click of a button. All for one low ‘monthly’ Subscription Plan fee. Publish as many Titles and Issues as you want. No other costs, so you retain ALL your Sales revenue from your Subscription sales!  Delivered directly to your PayPal account. “You do not lose a penny to any Online Store / Market or third party subscription sites!”

Our Subscription Plan instantly creates your own branded Store to SELL your Issues

When you select a Subscription plan, your Account automatically creates an Online Store with an eCommerce cart and Subscriber accounts. You simply add the URL link to this Store to your own website. display the link on your online or print advertising, email it to potential clients or even place it on other affiliate sites.


How do Subscribers get access to their PAID editions?

To protect your editions post-sale, each Subscriber’s first purchase (on your Store) automatically creates their own unique Account. Subscribers can then read their paid editions from within their account, accessible from your store. Each time the Subscriber returns to login to their account, they will automatically see your latest issues! And we even send your Subscribers an email when each new issue is available.

Need an SUBSCRIPTION Solution?

Please contact us to discuss our Subscription solutions! We are just a click away! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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